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On December 3rd, the Government of New Brunswick announced its new Winter Action Plan for COVID-19.  It sets out guidelines and conditions for three levels of alert.

Please check our Community Calendar for details of upcoming events and sports.    With organized sports limited, there are new opportunities to book facilities for bubble activities.  Outdoors is safe, too...time to enjoy our trails and the outdoor rink, get out the snow machine or whatever winter activities you like.

As of January 5th, there are new strategies in place around testing:  You now need to book both Rapid Tests (now referred to as POC or Point-of-Care) and PCR tests, and there are guidelines around who gets which test.   For a testing appointment, apply online. 

To book a vaccination or booster, there are two options: Horizon Health and selected pharmacies.

If you or a close contact become sick, please take care of yourself!  Stay home, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, stay in touch with your doctor and go to emerg if you need to.  The Government of Canada has posted helpful information on how to take care of yourself and people you may be taking care of. 

Finally, accurate and up-to-date information on the Coronavirus is being maintained on the provincial and federal websites listed below: and