Mayor's Welcome

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Greetings, and welcome to the Town of Hartland, New Brunswick.2021 Town of Hartland Mayor Tracey DeMerchant

Our claim to fame may be housing the “Longest Covered Bridge in the World”, but, personally, I believe that our town slogan – “Small Town, Big Heart” - tells you all that you need to know about Hartland, N.B. Physically, our town of nearly 1,000 may not measure big, but we more than compensate with our heart, spirit, and strength. 

My passion for the community is what prompted me to serve on its Town Council for 9 years. Now, I am honored to have been elected as Hartland’s new Mayor for the 2021-2025 term. My thanks goes out to all the people who supported my dream and believed in my values. 

The new elected council and I believe in the strength and potential of this town, and our goals reflect that. Over the next four years, we plan to focus on implementing a Strategic Planning and Research Committee that will aid us to further Hartland’s developmental goals. Overall, we strive to encourage an engaging, safe, inclusive community for our citizens.

This is a very busy and promising time for our town. We are facing a multitude of opportunities and changes. So, stay tuned! Hartland is on the move upwards! 


Tracey DeMerchant


Town of Hartland