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A Warm Welcome From The Town of Hartland, N.B.

Greetings, and welcome to the Town of Hartland, New Brunswick!

A simple Wikipedia search will give you an insight into our history. We are best known as the home of the “Longest Covered Bridge in the World”, measuring 1,282 feet. We are also the headquarters for the North American trucking company Day & Ross, which is a subsidiary of McCain Foods, and we boast an industrial park and scene that is home to many national and international presences: Craig Manufacturing, Old Dutch Potato Chips, Valley Equipment, Moonshine Creek, and Covered Bridge Potato Chips, to name a few. 

Though our claim to fame may be housing the “Longest Covered Bridge in the World”, Mayor Tracey DeMerchant believes that our town slogan – “Small Town, Big Heart” – is a better representation of our community: "Physically, our town of nearly 1,000 may not measure big, but we more than compensate with our heart, spirit, and strength."

As anyone who has lived here for any length of time knows, this community has faced a multitude of challenges. Floods and fires have threatened homes, buildings, and infrastructure alike – but it’s the people here that make Hartland what it is best known for; resilience. That resilience is exemplified in our residents, their everyday lives, and the history that embodies this town. 

Theresa Cummings, who has lived in Hartland all of her life, says, “I remember the fire of 1980 like it was yesterday. The thing that sticks in my head the most is standing at the south end of town and looking up main street before everything burnt.”

Despite the hardships we have gone through, our residents have more than enough good memories as well. Tammey Mclean, who spent all of her childhood years living in Hartland, is wrapped in nostalgia: “There are so many memories in this town. Hallett’s Garage, putting pennies on the train tracks and watching the train flatten them, making pop bottle rings for your fingers, learning to swim at the Becaguimec. Even the bridge was my playground as I walked it every day to school. So many memories…” 2021 Town of Hartland Mayor Tracey DeMerchant

If the promise of a warm, passionate, and resilient community has somehow not convinced you to visit, or move here, do not worry! You can also enjoy our quaint amenities, including local businesses, eateries, and canteens, historic landmarks, walking trails, and an 18-hole golf course. In addition, we have close relationships with the neighboring towns of Woodstock and Florenceville-Bristol, who offer a wide variety of services and historical value as well. 

In recent years, we have been dedicated to expanding upon our developmental goals by promoting local business growth, encouraging a safe, inclusive community, and providing our town with the services it needs. An example of these services is our ongoing work with the Becaguimec Trail Association towards the development of world class hiking and biking trails. Under the leadership of newly elected Mayor Tracey DeMerchant and her supporting council, we are excited to see where our town is headed. 

You can learn about our history from afar, but you cannot understand what it is like to live here, to breathe here, until you have experienced it for yourself. Whether it is as simple as a friendly smile at Hartland ValuFoods, or as intimate as a town event, you will know that you are surrounded by passionate people, and you will never want to leave. 

So, what are you waiting for? Come walk the covered bridge, explore local hotspots, soak in the picturesque Saint John River, bike the Becaguimec Trail, snowshoe the dense surrounding woods, and experience a community unlike any other. We hope to see you soon! 

To keep up to date with the "goings-on" in Hartland, feel free to view our official "Town of Hartland" Facebook page

To view examples of our Town's history, feel free to access the "HARTLAND,NB-MEMORIES OF THE PAST AND PRESENT" Facebook page